City Gardens Club Scholarship Program

The City Gardens Club (CGC) of New York City, founded in 1918, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to fostering an appreciation of nature among the City’s school children and to encouraging the preservation and improvement of green spaces throughout the five boroughs.

As a part of the club’s overall mission, each year the CGC Scholarship Committee offers a limited number of scholarships for activity-oriented, science-related summer workshops to New York City public school teachers. CGC scholarships cover:

  • The costs of tuition
  • “P” in-service credit fees where applicable
  • Course materials
  • Room and board where required.

Teachers will cover their own transportation costs.

Elementary, middle and high school teachers who cover science in the classroom in a New York City public school are eligible.

Applications for scholarships for the summer of 2014 are now closed. For more detail about these programs, see Programs. Programs offered in 2015 will be similar.

Another resource offered to NYC public school teachers by the City Gardens Club is Nature Kits. A Kit contains a variety of items from nature – beach stones to bird feathers- for use in the classroom. For a fuller description and information on how to obtain a Nature Kit go to Nature Kit.